Free range stabling

In this section, you’ll find all kinds of information on free range stabling:

GPS measurements : demonstrates the GPS receiver we use, how we attach it to our horses and some sample measurements taken on Gut Heinrichshof.

Mini free range stable: presents the smallest form of free range stabling. We call them “mini free range stables” here on Gut Heinrichshof.

Problems & solutions : this is a (growing) collection of problems and possible solutions.

And to answer our top FAQ:

Can I come and visit the free range stables at Gut Heinrichshof?

Yes, you can. There are three different options:

  1. In the summer months, we offer a free guided tour on 3-4 occasions. These tours take place on Saturday afternoons and generally last around 2 hours. We will take a look at all the free range stables and I will show you various options for ground coverings, forage feeding, ecological upgrading and much more.

  2. You can also come at any time and take a look around on your own. We would ask you to contact us via email ( or phone (035952 / 414180) beforehand and expect you not to leave the paths or enter any of the free range stables.

  3. We can also arrange for an individual guided tour (please contact or 035952 / 418080). This will cost 60.-€ plus VAT.