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Fifth Element: Mud – Effective mud management for paddocks and trails

Mud is a problem that almost all stable owners that try to stable their horses as naturally as possible will be familiar with. By autumn at the latest, the most well-kept paddock will have turned into a muddy wasteland. What can be done about it? Installing a correct footing with a base, dividing course and surface course is expensive and you can never be sure if other methods will work.

This book presents basic mud management strategies with a particular focus on cost-saving alternatives. It covers a range of construction materials as well as alternative materials that can be used as a dividing course, such as grids, non-woven geotextiles, paper screens, artificial turf and grass pavers. Suggested solutions for sloped areas and water fords are also included, and five different hoof experts also present their views.

Free Range Stabling – Variations from around the world

100 pages with nearly 300 pictures from 12 different countries give you an idea of how interesting and varied free range stabling can be.

Extraordinary ideas for the sake of horses, for contented boarders, for a practical use or simply only extraordinary beautiful to look at. If you are searching for ideas for your free range stable, you shall find something for sure.

Find varieties of hayracks, dividers, horse toilets, toys for horses and many more details for a wonderful free range stable. And look at the examples of entire riding stables. There will be solutions for small stables for 6 horses, as well as large operations for over 80 horses.

Malanders – successful treatments

What is malanders all about? And what are the causes beside to much moisture and lack of hygiene? In a successful malanders treatment there are always three therapy steps, which are introduced in this ebook.

The circulating home remedies are examined carefully and their possible impact is investigated. We look at soap and baby powder, sauerkraut and creamy horseradish, socatyl ointment and salicylic acid and many more homemade solutions.

In addition as a assistance from inside, there can be used herbs and homeopathic remedies. And in the last chapter I unvail you our recipe for a care ointment and some prevention measures.

From crib biting to normal – how to reduce crib biting

Crib biting is a cry for help when the horse is not coping with its circumstances, its keeping, feeding and any amount of stress. Crib biting gives them an opportunity to make their life a little more bearable.

This ebook presents a closer consideration of the results of 23 studies from all over the world. You’ll get some real assistance in helping your horse and helping it to significantly reduce its crib biting.

A crib-biting horse is not just ‘a catastrophe’, but also a challenge. Its behaviour indicates problems that are present, giving you a chance to better understand your horse and improve its quality of life. And the best thing about it is: the measures described here can lead to a major reduction in crib biting! In your horse too.