Mini free range stables

Mini free range stables – the smallest free range stabling option

The smallest version of free range stabling available at Gut Heinrichshof is represented by the mini free range stables designed for 2 horses. These are horses with special needs, steamed hay, for example, or whose owners do not, for whatever reason, want them stabled in a larger free range stable.


It is especially important to find well-paired horses for stables as small as these. Low ranking horses have very little space to retreat. Which is why getting on well with their stablemate is very important to their well-being.

Here are two horses moving into a newly converted mini free range stable in a stall alley.

Advantages of this type of free range stabling

  • More freedom of movement than in conventional stalls.

  • Living with another horse offers more opportunities for social contact.

  • Higher acceptance among formerly stalled horses (the entry level version :-) )

Problems or disadvantages of a mini free range stable?

  • Hay feed size will be determined by the horse with the greater needs. As the horses won’t get enough exercise, they run the risk of getting fat.

  • Horse pairs must be well-suited as there is not enough space to keep out of each other’s way. There is a high risk of the lower ranking horse of the pair not lying down to sleep.

  • Living in constant close proximity and lacking a herd, the horses tend to “cling” to one another.

  • The horses’ needs for exercise and a herd are not sufficiently met.